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Federal Family Preservation

  1. Funding is provided through the Federal Family Preservation and Family Support Services Program to assist community-based programs in the delivery of prevention and early intervention services to children and families who are at-risk of out-of-home placement.
  2. These services are designed to prevent child maltreatment among families at-risk through the provision of supportive family services and to preserve intact families when the family’s problems can be addressed effectively. In 2002, the Promoting Safe and Stable Families Act was amended to include Infant Safe Haven Programs and services to strengthen parental relationships and promote healthy marriages in the federal Family Preservation and Family Support Program.
  3. In Maryland, Federal Family Preservation and Family Support Services are delivered to local communities through a partnership with the Governor’s Office on Children, Youth and Families and the Local Management Boards (LMBs). In most communities, the local department of social services works collaboratively with the LMBs in the delivery of Federal Family Preservation and Family Support Services. Seventeen jurisdictions receive funding under this program.
Federal Family Preservation Contacts

Helene Hornum, Program Analyst

Ruth Milliken, Program Manager