Governor’s Office

Office of Victim Services

The Office of Victim Services meets the crisis needs of victimized individuals and families by funding community based programs.

We create and support networks of quality services for victims by collaborating with other state agencies, local departments of social services, local governments, service providers, advocates and other community based organizations. The funding provides technical assistance as well as programmatic and fiscal oversight to community-based organizations serving victims.


Services Provided by Programs Through the Office of Victim Services Include:
  1. 24 Hour Hotline
  2. Crisis Intervention
  3. Shelter/Safe Accommodations
  4. Counseling
  5. Abuser Intervention
  6. Legal Assistance
  7. Medical & Court Accompaniment
  8. Information and Referral

Report Domestic Violence

If you are being abused by your spouse or significant other and need help, we are here for you. Please, let our Office of Victim Services guide you to the right place for assistance. We partner with community-based organizations and agencies across the State that can provide you with the help you need.

Click HERE to find the Hotline number for the Domestic Violence program nearest you.

Help is just a phone call away. Your personal information will remain confidential.

For your protection, our partner agencies provide safe accommodations and board for victims of domestic violence and their children. They also offer therapeutic counseling, abuser intervention programs, and legal advocacy.

Do you need help? Please call 1-800-332-6347.