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Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry


Adoption Registry

Maryland’s Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry is a service of the Maryland Department of Human Resources, Social Services Administration, Registry Adoption Program. The Department realizes that adoption services should not be limited to the time before finalization. The Registry offers this post-adoption service to adults adopted in Maryland and to birth family members.

The Registry enrolls adoptees and their birth families who wish to find each other. Registry staff compares information provided by Registrants and “matches” adoptees with their birth family members. They then confirm the information with agency and court records before the registrants are contacted by a social worker and given the information.

All services are coordinated through The Department of Human Resources.

For more information contact:
Department of Human Resources
Social Services Administration
Adoption Search, Contact and Reunion Services
311 West Saratoga Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201


Who Can Register?
  1. Adoptees 21 and over who do not have a birth sibling under 21 in the same adoptive family, birth parents, and birth siblings. Siblings, must also be over 21.
  2. The adoption or guardianship proceedings must have been conducted through a Maryland court or facilitated by a licensed Maryland child placement agency, regardless of the registrant’s place of birth or current residence.
  3. The Registry maintains a list of similar registries in other states and may assist persons who were adopted elsewhere. Information about several national registries is also available.


How Do I Register?


Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry
Maryland Department of Human Resources
Social Services Administration
311 W. Saratoga Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-3521

OR CALL: 410-767-7171

Can a Match Be Prevented?

A birth parent may file an affidavit refusing to permit the release of identifying information(1.e.) name and address. The parent must have been involved in the judicial proceedings which terminated his or her rights to qualify to block the transmission of information between the adoptee and his/her birth family members.

The Registrant will be informed that the match was identified but a refusal affidavit has prevented the exchange of information.

Is There a Fee?

A one-time-only fee of $25.00 is charged at the time of registration. However, no one will be denied service because of an inability to pay the fee. The requirements for the fee waiver are available from the Registry Office.

How Can I Withdraw?

If you wish to remove your name and information from the Registry, you may send a notarized affidavit, which can be obtained at the Registry address printed above. You are encouraged to remove your name if you find your family members by other means.

Is Counseling Required?

Counseling is not required by the Registry law. However, if you wish to speak with a counselor, referrals can be obtained from the Registry office. There may be a charge for counseling services.

How Do I Find Non-Identifying Information?

If the adoption was facilitated by a child placement agency, an adoptee should contact that agency for medical and family history information which does not include the names and addresses of birth family members or any data which would lead directly to them.

A birth family member should check the policy of the placement agency to learn which information is available.

Agencies have different policies concerning the release of any information about the parties in an adoption. It is always best to contact the appropriate agency and discuss it with the Adoption Staff.

Information from court records is sealed and may only be opened by the court. You may request the court involved in the adoption to release medical and family history information in its records. The release of information from court records is at the discretion of the judge in each jurisdiction.

Who Can Help Me Search More Actively?

Several support groups in the Maryland area are dedicated to helping adoptees and their birth parents reunite. They can advise you as to search methods and the need for sensitivity to the rights and reactions of others.

Some adoption agencies are able to assist in searches by those adoptees whom they have placed for adoption. You may check with your agency to see if they offer this service and what costs are involved.

Groups which meet in Maryland are listed below. The Registry also maintains a list of search groups in other states.


CARE Catholic Charities Adoption Reunion Services Exchange
2601 North Howard Street, Suite 200
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 659-4031

Jewish Community Services of Baltimore Search Support Group
5750 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215
(410) 843-7365

The Barker Foundation
7979 old Georgetown Rd
Bethesda MD 20814