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Dorchester County

We envision partnering with the community and residents of Dorchester County to empower and strengthen vulnerable individuals and families to self sufficiency, independence, health and wellbeing.

We will respectfully assist families and individuals of Dorchester County with a safety net of services to help them maintain, and/or enhance their quality of life; and to prevent abuse, neglect, and the exploitation of the community’s most vulnerable.

Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the innocent victims in Orlando. While this horrific tragedy has shaken our nation, our solidarity is made evident by the acts of kindest prevailing in response. Residents flocking to blood donation centers, water being donated to first responders and volunteers, rental properties being donated to victim’s families, money being raised and supplies being shipped from across the country- this is the America we know and love.

We honor the first responders and law enforcement who acted with bravery and courage. We stand with the people of Orlando. There is no room for hate in our great nation, and in the face of tragedy we will continue to rally and come together as one community. #OrlandoUnited

Special Announcements:

Dorchester County: The Power of DAD, Inaugural Fatherhood Roundtable click here.

20160621-Power of Dad event

The 2015 Dorchester County Annual Report is now available here.

DCDSS 1st Annual Family Fun Fest held on October 24, 2015

20151024-Dorchester County DSS First Annual Family Fun Fest

Dorchester County Department of Social Services collaborates with the Judy Center

This local office offers the following services.

Child & Family Services

  1. Child Protective Services
  2. Adoption
  3. Foster Care
  4. Services to Families with Children

Adult Protective Services (APS)

  1. Adult Protective Services
  2. In Home Aid Services
  3. Social Services to Adults
  4. Senior Care
  5. Project Home
  6. Transitional Emergency Medical and Housing Services
  7. Adult Guardianship

Child Support Enforcement

  1. Location and Contact Information
  2. More Information & Resources

Family Investment Administration

  1. Temporary Case Assistance (TCA)
  2. Food Stamps
  3. Purchase of Care (POC)
  4. Medical Assistance (MA)
  5. Long Term Care (LTC)
  6. Energy and Heating Assistance (OHEP)