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Somerset County

This local office offers the following services.

Adoption Services

Focuses on developing profiles of children and the placement of children who are legally free to be adopted. Adoption services are provided to relatives and non-relative caretakers.  Post adoption services may include a monthly subsidy and medical assistance.

Adult Protective Services (APS)

Serves persons aged 18 and over who are unable to protect their own interests or are at risk of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation.  Adult Protective Services provides investigative services to protect the health, safety, and welfare of vulnerable adults.

Child Care Program

Also known as Purchase of Care (POC), coordinates child care services for eligible families and ensures payment to day care providers. Child Care services are provided to Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) customers participating in a work activity or a substance abuse treatment program as well as to other low-income working families.

Child Support Enforcement

Location & Contact Information
Somerset County Department of Social Services
Office of Child Support Enforcement
P.O. Box 369
30397 Mount Vernon Road
Princess Anne, Maryland 21853

Customer Service: 1-800-332-6347
Automated Customer Service & Payment Information: 1-800-723-9937

Somerset County State’s Attorney’s Office
Somerset County State’s Attorney’s Office
30515 Prince William Street
Princess Anne, Maryland 21853

Daniel Powell, State’s Attorney

Facsimile: 410-651-3453

Phillip Widdowson, Assistant State’s Attorney

Alice Bromley, Administrative Assistant

Crissy Parkinson, Child Support Processor

Facsimile: 410-651-4490

More Information & Resources
Somerset County Sheriff’s Office
30426-A Sam Barnes Road
Westover, Maryland 21871

Robert N. Jones, Sheriff

Les Tyler, Deputy Sheriff, Child Support Liaison

Somerset County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office
30515 Prince William Street
Princess Anne, Maryland 21853

Theodore Phoebus, Clerk of the Somerset County Circuit Court

Family Support Services

Assists in the preservation of families and rebuilding of lives to prevent out-of-home placement. Anyone can make a referral, but the family must be willing to accept services.

Food Stamps (FS)

Increases the food purchasing capability of families and individuals. Most persons receiving TCA and TDAP are eligible for Food Stamps, as are others with low income.

Foster Care Services (FCS)

Provides services to court-committed children and to adults who are interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents.

 In-Home Aide Services (IHAS)

Provides services to the elderly, disabled, ill, handicapped and those who need assistance with daily activities in order to remain in their homes. In addition, IHAS provides a parenting and job readiness program.

 Interagency Family Preservation Services

In-Home Family Preservation is a time-limited intensive program available within the local departments of social services. It is a voluntary program, specifically identified to promote stability for families in crisis whose children are at risk of out-of-home placement. Family Preservation actively seeks to obtain community resources or directly provide the critical services needed to enable the family to remain together in a safe and stable environment.

Medical Assistance (MA)

Provides a federal entitlement program that allows low-income individuals to obtain medical care and treatment.

Project HOME

Manages the Certified Adult Residential Environment (CARE) housing programs and provides supportive housing and case management to disabled adults, including persons with AIDS.

Social Services to Adults (SSTA)

Provides social work services to persons aged 18 years and older who are not caring for children. Case management and crisis intervention services provide customers with links to community resources and internal BCDSS programs.

Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA)

Provides a time limited cash assistance program for families to promote individual responsibility and self-sufficiency.